VHS and Mini DV to DVD Conversion

Many of us have old VHS tapes of family events from the 80's and 90's, and more recently Mini DV tapes, such as weddings, parties, sporting events, holidays, etc. I know I have.

How would you like them converted to DVD? As we all know, VHS tapes have a limited life span and become easily damaged by playing over and over or just deteriorate if not kept dry. Putting your tapes onto DVD will mean a longer shelf life for those treasured memories and will allow you to play them on DVD players and PC\Mac computers.

Due to licencing laws, I am unable to convert pre-recorded tapes such as films and music videos.

The cost for converting either VHS or Mini DV is £25 per tape with additional copies of the DVD are £5 each. A small price to pay for priceless family memories.