Services Provided by Julian Slaughter Imagery

Julian's focus is on selling images either through this website, via stock sites or agencies, or to magazines and printing companies. However, he does provide additional services on top, see below. If you ask nicely, he may be open to doing most other photography projects too.

Insurance Photography

Do you have valuables or possessions that you would like photographed for insurance purposes. If you are unfortunate enough to lose an item of jewellery or have someone steal a family heirloom, it can often be difficult to describe the item to the claim handler of your insurance company. If you have digital images of your items, it would be much easier to send to the insurance company in the event of a loss.

Option 1 - Specific Items. If you have just a few items you wish to be archived, this service would be ideal. The cost is £100 inc VAT for up to 5 items and then £5 per additional item after that. Julian will visit you at your home or business to complete this service. A media device will be provided containing the images.

Option 2 - Inventory. In times of complete loss such as fire or flood, it can be difficult to estimate the value of your contents. This service will include photographing all the rooms of your home including your car, contents of your shed, etc. and any specific items you require. You will be supplied with a media device containing all the images and a backup will also be stored on a secure server elsewhere. The cost is £500 inc VAT.


Photograph Restoration

We all have boxes and boxes of old (or not so old) photographs, which can become easily damaged. This service can be used to restore old images back to something like they used to be. Unfortunately, missing parts of photographs cannot be restored. The cost is £10 per image. You will be provided with a media device containing your images. However, if you would like printed versions of your images, these can be purchased for an extra cost.

Below is an example of an old photo from the 30's and the resulting restoration.



Digital Slideshow Production

How often do you go on holiday, take hundreds of snaps of your time in the sun, rain or snow and them import them to your computer and forget about them, leave them on your camera. This service is ideal for anyone who has a set of images, maybe a wedding, party or a collection of family photographs over a period of time. How about having a digital slideshow created so you can show your friends and family what you have been up to or providing someone with a unique gift of past memories. Various styles and effects can be used. However, due to licencing laws, music cannot be added. Below is a previous customer testimonial. The cost is £50 per slideshow.

'Julian has created a piece of moving magic.  He turned a series of slide stills in to a live performance of magical memories. The whole 'show' is very personal and very special, not only to my father, whose 80th birthday prompted the idea but to all the family and now it is captured on disc, will be treasured down the years.'


Basic Photography Tuition

Basic photography tuition is for those that want to get more out of their cameras, whether it be a point & shoot or a DSLR. Rather than being classroom based, Julian will spend the day with you at a location of your choice (as long as its on mainland UK) and use the time to go through the basics of photography such as using Aperture, shutter speed, composition and some of the basic theories of taking a good picture. This service is very good for beginners to photography and those that wish to switch for the automatic modes of their cameras. The cost is £100 per day.


Event Photography

Do you have an event that you would like photographed, such as a birthday party, promotional event or sporting occasion. The cost is £250 for Julian to attend the event and to supply digital versions of the images. If prints are required following the event, these can be purchased for an extra cost.

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