Photography Tuition & Field Trips

Do you love the outdoors, nature or just enjoy taking pictures? I can help you gain your photography stripes by providing a number of services, designed to get you up and running, or improving your existing skills.

I will spend the day with you at a location of your choice (as long as its on mainland UK) and use the time to go through the basics of photography and assist you with you camera, whether its a point & shoot or a top-end DSLR. I will show you the theories behind the perfect shot, using aperture and shutter speed to get creative shots and also discuss the different accessories and lenses that you may be able to use to help you get the shot you want.

Suggested Field Trips

Red Kites in Flight - Gigrin Farm, Wales. A true spectacle, if you've never seen hundreds of birds of prey all in one small piece of airspace, this is a must.














Summer Poppies - Somewhere in Worcestershire.














Welsh Waterfalls - South Wales. There is quite a trek to get to the falls but its well worth it when we get there.















Contact me for options and ideas and together we'll plan an informative and special day. I can cater for individuals or very small groups. Prices start from £50 per individual per day.